6 Beginner Yoga Poses To Try

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that tests our balance, strength and reduces stress. The best part about the exercise is that the majority of the skills require no equipment, which means it can be practised anywhere and everywhere. From the park to your backyard to your lounge room.

How many of these poses can you do? Give it a try!

#4 Crescent Lunge On The Knee

Start standing and move your preferred leg back into a lunge position with your back foot tucked under. Keep your hips squared and lower your hips closer to the ground while keeping your back foot in line with your bottom. Stretch your hands up straight by your ears and slowly lean back as far as you can. Hold for 5 seconds, lift your chest up straight and lift up again for 5 seconds.

#5 Side Plank Pose

Start lying on your side with your legs together, one hand flat on the floor and one arm up by your ear. Push off your hand, lifting your hips up to the ceiling. You should be balancing your weight between your feet and flat hand. Keep both arms straight with your top arm stretching towards the roof. 

Hold for 5 seconds, and then try your other side.

#6 One Legged Bridge Yoga Pose

Begin lying on your back flat with your arms by your side and your feet together. From here bend your knees but keeping them together, then, lift your hips up to the roof using your hands to support your back.

Here comes the challenging part, lift your preferred floor on top of your opposite knee. Then raise the heel of the foot you balancing on. Hold for 5 seconds.

Then, try on the other leg!

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