Random things to do with the kids!

During these difficult times many parents are turning to quick, attention-grabbing activities with their kids to help pass the time. We collated a few to keep you occupied during your self-isolation. 

To do list: 

  1. Set up a car wash: Bucket of clean water, bucket of soapy water, unused toothbrushes, and small towels. Then they bring the toy cars through the car wash.

  2. Gardening as a family: Plant new seeds or  

  3. Make our own play dough: 2 c flour; 1 c salt; 4 tsp cream of tartar; 2 tbsp oil; 2 c water; and food coloring of your choice. Blend dry ingredients, heat oil and water on medium heat and blend in dry ingredients until the dough forms. Then add food coloring. The process of making it is quick and cheap.

  4. Purchase some paint and art supplies; get crafty with self portraits.

  5. Spring Clean

  6. Learn origami

  7. Create an indoor camping experience

  8. Build a cubby house

  9. Go to the movies: set up a family movie night experience

  10. Bake a cake 

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